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Our Review Policy Is As Follows

The Sanctified Press review policy is simply this: Honesty.
If it's great music, we're gonna rave about it. If it's lame stuff, look out. We will pull no punches. We are here to inform Joe and Jane music buyer where to best spend their hard earned cash.
We will deal primarily with christian stuff, but if we get ahold of a decent piece of work made by a non-christian, we will review that as well.
I am ridiculously behind on writing reviews; so I'm going to fly through this current batch of releases and hopefully return to some semblance of normalcy next time out.

Grading scale is as follows:

  • +++++=Excellent
  • ++++=Very Good
  • +++=Good to Fair
  • ++=Pretty Lame
  • +=Awful

Reviews 4-U will be ever expanding, so please check back often. Loading time has been very slow for me on web tv, if it has been for you as well, I apologize.
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February 20, 2000