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It was a proud day for America. A tear welled up in my eye as I thought of the flag, the industrial revolution, the Babe, the Gipper, J.F.K., Seinfeld, McDonalds, pay-per-view, and all of the other things that make this country great.

I thought of our freedom..... The unprecedened liberty that we have to express ourselves.

I thought of Dennis Franz hideous backside bared for all to see on primetime T.V.. I thought of my taxdollars going to fund beautiful artworks like the famous "Piss Christ" a few years back. And the Mapplethorpe photos of pencils stuck in peeholes. His photo of a bullwhip in a man's rectum.....

I can't help but hear strains of "America The Beautiful" running thru my mind.

And now another glorious step has been taken in our long march toward total freedom...

Someone has finally gotten to say "shit" on primetime network television.

George Carlin must be proud.... I wonder if George Washington is?

Actor Mark Harmon's famous "shit happens" uttered on the show "Chicago Hope" will now likely be remembered up there with other great quotes like "Give me liberty or give me death", "I have a dream", "We have nothing to fear but fear itself", and "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind".

I heard about this last week on the noon news on CBS radio. They themselves wouldn't say the dreaded "S" word, but it was obvious that they realized what a momentous occasion this was. "S happens", they said. "S" happens indeed.

Ah, how we all long for the day when we are free from all of the snobby, moralistic restraint that is imposed on us from the higher ups and the powers that be. From the stuffy, puritancal censors who seek to deprive us of the right to hear the profane whenever and wherever we want.

Chicago Hope? It's the hope of a nation......

A nation of butt watchers. Of cussers. Of smokers.... Oh yes, let us not forget the sacred tobacco; another of the blessed sacraments to freedom in America.

We will stand proud, arm in arm, smoke curling up our faces and into our nostrils, as we sing "The Battle Hymn of The Republic' around the cigarette dangling from our lips; while all these misguided health freaks try to squelch our right to light up in restaraunts and check out lines..

Yes, our freedom is under assault! But last week "S#!t" gave us hope. Hope for a day when "S" flies free, and hits not only the fan, but the very heart of America.

And surely soon will come a day when not only "S" is acceptable, but "F", then "MF", till at last in we stand up toghether in an orgasm of libertine pleasure and announce as one that we are a bunch of "A"-kicking, dirty "MF'n" "S.O.B.'s" who take no "S" from anyone!

God Bless America?

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Righteousness Exalts a Nation; But Sin is a Reproach To Any People.

--Proverbs 14:34--

Til next time.....
God Bless,
--Danny Thweatt-Ed.--

Letter From Ed.

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