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Am I the only one who feels this? Who feels like this country is a powder keg waiting to explode?

Society, it seems, is on the verge of a collective nervous breakdown.

A wise man once said, (Fox Muldur I believe) "If you're not paranoid, you're not paying attention."

Americans are a people, who though founded on the great "melting pot" principle, are full of racial and ethnic hatred and resentment. The average white middle class midwesterners I know are so full of disdain and hatred for minorities, that they would welcome an actual race war in this country.

The widespread influence (driven almost exclusively by MTV, VH1, etc...) of ghetto, gansta rap culture and the effect it has had on nearly every area of society so frightens and disturbs white america that they are ready to take up arms.

The feeling that whites are being crushed under an oppressive tax burden whose funds are used to support non-working, non-producing, minorities and immigrants (both legal and illegal) is also widespread, and adds fuel to this fire and keeps things on edge.

And please note, the people that I'm describing are not sheet on your head klansmen. These are blue collar, everyday, 9 to 5 men and women who have families and kids.

Racism isn't the only thing making it tense and wierd in America;
this place is DANGEROUS.

We have an alarming number of children committing murder. Mass murder.

Militant gays, who by most recent studies comprise only one to three percent of the population, have usurped an amazing amount of political clout. Cynicism understandably rules the day.

Nihilism pervades the philosophy of the youth: who for the most part have been raised by a generation of agnostics and functional atheists, whose only concept of spirituality is some ethereal 60's dream, where "all you need is love", and sin doesn't exist. Where relativism rules the day and the only thing to be feared is the concept of absolute truth.

Of course the 60' version of "love" as defined by the sexual revolution has given us too many different STD's to count; over 40 Million abortions, a couple million AIDS ravaged corpses, and a divorce rate that's at 50% and climbing.

"The Beatles said 'all you need is love', and then they broke up."

--Larry Norman--

God in our time is accepted as a concept, but not as a sovereign power to whom we are ultimately accountable. And certainly Jesus Christ, who said he was the only way to God, would be today's poster child for intolerance.

Think of the hatred people have for christians today. If those who love the darkness react so violently toward what apparently small light comes from the church, how much moreso would they react to the "Light of the World"? He'd be murdered again in an instant.

Y2K has people freaked out. What might happen? Is it the end? Will the markets collapse? Is it setting the stage for a global, one world government? Should we arm ourselves and stockpile food?
"Turn the other cheek my a--! Where's my Tech-9??!!"

And then there's the ozone layer. We're afraid to go outdoors. The water's not clean. Schools are dangerous. And drugs. And STD's. And a biased news media. And lying politicians. And violent movies. And abuse and neglect and war and fear and hate and.................


(Psalm 46:10)

Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

(John 14:27)So when you see all these these things coming to pass, lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.

(Luke 21:28)

He is still God. Jesus brow is not furrowed, neither is He worried about the future. Our times and our seasons are in His hands. If He isn't worried, then neither should we be.

Next year will be just like this year. There is nothing new under the sun. He is still in control, no matter how screwed up things seem to be.

Trust Him. And chill out.....

Till next time....
God Bless You
Danny Thweatt- Ed.

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