Vigilantes of Love

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Vigilantes of Love for Trade

Athens, GA 6-4-92- Early VOL at home. Great show. Songs include River of Love, Strike While The Iron Is Hot, Odious, and Keep Out The Chill. Filler on this tape includes Bill's killer cover of Dylan's Maggie's Farm.GRADE:B

Athens, GA 1-2-93 Songs include Sick of it All, Runaway Train, Hip Train, I Can't Remember and Resume. Great early Killing Floor stuff.

Cornerstone 93 12 Songs Grade:B-

Atlanta 1994-Acoustic-9 Songs, including the seldom heard "Five Loaves and Two Fish", and "Promise in My Pocket"

Live on Post Modern Radio Network 1994 5 Songs Grade:A

Cornerstone 95 6 Songs

Live At Cubby Bear (FM) 1995. Great Quality. Great show. Includes a killer version of Love Cocoon. Grade:B+

Vigilantes in the City of Brotherly Love-Live Electric-Blister Soul Tour Grade:A -58 Minutes

My Year In Review-Fanclub Release-Very cool rarities, demos, unreleased stuff. Grade:B

Phladelphia,PA-LIVE AT THE NORTH STAR BAR-4-22-96
19 Songs

Phladelphia,PA-LIVE AT THE NORTH STAR BAR-4-22-96

2/22/96, Lebanon , PA

11/20/96, The Bayou, Washington DC

Bill Mallonee Live Solo Acoustic -Portland Maine 11-17-96- 80 Minutes SBD Grade:B

EDGE FEST 97 -solo acoustic

Cornerstone 97 20 Songs Grade:A

Cornerstone 98-Prism Tent (Acoustic)-16 Songs

Calvin College 4/3/98. TTROTS tour. Grade:B+

Xhedos Cafe, Michigan. 4/6/98. A long show (2 CDR) from TTROTS tour. Great Quality.

11/10/98,small club in N. Va

Bill Acoustic at the 40 WATT 3-23-96- Grade:A (Lots of Rarities)

Coffee Shock, 7/1998 St. Paul, MN. 2 discs

Acoustic Café appearance, 1998

Coffee Shock, St. Paul, MN, 5/15/1999. 2 discs

the Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN, 5/16/1999. 2 discs

Schuba's, Chicago, IL 10/8/1999. 2 discs

New Moon, Oshkosh, WI, 11/9/1999. 2 discs

400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN, 11/10/1999. 2 discs

4/29/99, Jammin Java, Kent Island, MD

11/21/99, Metro Cafe, Washington DC

C-Stone 99- 4 Songs Electric-(I believe this was some tent show.)

Cornerstone 99 16 Songs Grade:A

Asheville, N.C. @ Be Here Now-4/99 Grade:A

Live at Flevo 8-20-99 De Loots Stage 7 Songs- Grade:B

Flevo Mainstage- 8-21-99 12 Songs-Grade:B

Flevo Le Garage Stage- 12 Songs -Grade:B

Very cool show, recorded off the board onto Mini Disc. Includes three or four new, unreleased songs. Also includes a few 'Jugular' era songs that haven't been played live for awhile.
Recording is very clean but the level is kind of low. The volume needs to be cranked a bit to hear it real well.
19 Songs- Grade:A (2 CDR)

LIVE @ 400 BAR- Minneapolis, MN 11-10-99
21 Songs (Different than above recording) Grade:B
Includes several new ones, Blister Soul Reprise, On to Bethlehem, Drunk on The Tears,....... Great show.

An excellent recording. Grade:A to A+

Eddies Attic-Atlanta GA, 10-99 10 Songs

Belcourt Theater-Nashville,TN 12-1-99
11 Songs-Grade:A

Belcourt Theater-Nashville,TN 12-1-99
19 Song Version

Eastridge Presbyterian Lncoln, NE. 5-99 (2 CDR)

Four Friends Coffee House-5-11-99
Very nice recording. Originally from DAT. 15 Songs Grade:A

Four Friends Coffee House-10-7-99
Very nice recording. Originally from DAT. 15 Songs Grade:A

The Grog Shop- Cleveland,Ohio-11-14-99 (2 CDR)
Rough. Grade:C-

Taylor,University 11-99 (2 CDR)

Live at Bud Burroughs' House Hatfield, PA 11-20-99 Grade:A (2 CDR)

Rhodes College-Memphis TN, 1-28-00
19 Songs, including a couple of new ones; "Going South", and "Bearing the Load" Grade:A-

Austin Peay State University - Clarksville, TN - 10/11/99 - B

40 WATT Athens, GA- 1-20-00 GRADE:B

D.C. 4-11-00 (2 DISCS) GRADE:A

Shuba's-Chicago 4-00 (2 CDR) SBD GRADE:A

C-Stone 7-7-2000 (2CDR)

Atlanta Local Music Awards 8-9-00

Borders Atlanta 8-11-00

Star Bar Atlanta 8-11-00

Eddies Attic, Decatur, GA 9-8-00 Grade:A (video and CDR)

Lee's Liquor Lounge Minneapolis, MN 11-22-00

VIDEO-Vigilantes Of Love - Cornerstone '93 GRADE:A

VIDEO-Vigilantes Of Love - Jacob's Well '97 Length - 60 min Grade:B-/C+

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