The Verve

The Verve were one of the greatest bands to ever exist. I say were because at the moment they are broken up; having disbanded officially in early 1999. Of course, following the tradition of all of the great British rock and roll bands, this isn't the first time they've split, so there is still hope that one day they will sit down over tea and iron out their differences.

Like the Beatles, The Stones, The Who, and Zeppelin before them, the Verve were a band that trancended labels and categorization and struck a deep emotional chord within those privledged enough to connect with their music.

Vocalist and principal songwriter Richard Ashcroft released a fine solo album in the summer of 2000; so die hard fans will have to keep the Verve fire burning by trading recordings of their live shows.

Richard has begun extensive touring, so we'll be seeing a few of his live shows filtering out as well.

The following recordings on my list are all available for trade on tape or CDR. Please E-Mail me to set up a trade.

Verve for Trade

Richard Ashcroft "BBC Evening Session" 6-5-2000 Interview w/Steve Lamarcq + "BSS", "Money To Burn", and "You On My Mind In My Sleep" performed live.

Richard Ashcroft Benicassm Festival, Spain 6/8/00
Setlist: A Song for the lovers,Sonnet,Get my Beat,Space and time,Brave new world,On a beach,You on my mind in my sleep,Lucky man,New York,Bittersweet Symphony

Richard Ashcroft 9-26-00 Hamburg Docks (2 CDR)

Richard Ashcroft 9-23-2000 Den Gra Hal, Copenhagen Denmark Grade:A (2 CDR)

Richard Ashcroft- 10-1-2000 Paradiso, Amsterdam
Beautiful recording. Grade:A (DAT to 2 CDR)

Richard Ashcroft- Amsterdam 10-1-00 from FM Radio (1 CDR 53 Minutes) Grade:A

Richard Ashcroft-Words and Music Live from NME Studios. Interview plus live acoustic versions of "You On My Mind In My Sleep", "On A Beach", and "C'mon People" 60 Minutes

Richard Ashcroft Solo Acoustic- @ Joe's Pub
New York City-5-19-00 Grade:B+ Setlist: Bittersweet Symphony,I Get My Beat, You On My Mind In My Sleep,Money To Burn,Lucky Man,So Sister,New York,On A Beach, C'Mon People (We're Makin' It Now)

AN ALTERNATIVE NORTHERN SOUL- Outtakes from 95 Northern Soul sessions. Grade:A-

WESTWOOD ONE RARITIES-Double disc, tons of cool b-sides, acoustic stuff, and rarities.
28 Songs-Grade:A

The Acoustic Sessions- 17 Songs- 67 Minutes Grade: Varies according to track. A thru C

Original Wigan Demo -1990- 5 Songs- Grade:B

01/10/92....Verve....ULU, London ENG Audience...35 min. Grade:C+

11/??/92....Verve....Camden Town Hall, London Soundboard...35 min Grade:B All In The Mind, Superstar, Staring Stranger, Man Called Sun, South Pacific, Gravity Grave,

Voyager One 6 Songs Grade:A (Early live E.P released to radio)

Glastonbury Festival 6-20-93

Minneapolis 7th Street Entry 10-30-93 Grade:B

11-23-93 Sacramento -The Cattle Club- Audience..45 min Grade:B-

07/07/93....Verve....KCRW FM Broadcast.15 min. Make It Till Monday, Virtual World,

07/12/93....Verve....Radcliffe, Hit The North Session FM Broadcast 4 Songs-30 min. Starsail, man Called Sun, Six O'clock, Gravity grave, Grade:B

08/24/93 Melody, Stockholm Soundboard? It says soundboard on it but it sounds like a good aud to me. Unless they had the audience mike turned way up between songs.Grade:B-

Unknown Concert-"Storm in Heaven" era show. Very good sound. Includes lots of Storm stuff plus Mover, Black and Blue, Gravity Grave,Grey Skies.

Zunderrfunk Session, Munich.-German Radio Show-Very good sound. Hulfstedt Concert plus short interview and an acoustic version of "Make it till Monday."-Grade:B

2-19-94-Brussels Audience....45 min.Grade:B-

2-25-94 Schlathof Frankfurt, GE

8-13-94....Verve....Hulfstred Festival Audience.45 min + SBD Copy

??/??/94....Verve....Paradise, Boston MA Audience....45 min.

07/12/94....Verve....Harriet Island, St. Paul MN Audience. Great show. Good sound. Slide Away, This Is Music, Blue, Stormy Clouds, Let The Damage Begin, Man Called Sun, Mover, Rolling People, Gravity Grave-Grade:B

12/17/93....Verve....Astoria, London ENG Audience.70 min

Boulder Colorado 7-9-94

San Francisco, CA Slim's 6-30-94

London Raw Club 6-8-95

9:30 Club Washington, D.C. 9-2-95

??/??/95....Verve....BBC Evening Session FM Broadcast...15 min.

06/25/95....Verve....Glastonbury Festival Audience....45 min-GRADE:B

07/15/95....Verve....Phoenix Festival Audience.55 min-Grade:D

08/06/95....Verve....T In The Park, Glascow FM Broadcast...45 min- Grade:C-

??/??/96....Verve....Urban Hymns Demos Studio Outtakes.. 16 Songs Grade:B Space And Time, Come On People, Oh Sister, Drug's Don't Work, Song For The Lovers, Sonnet,One Before Dinner,Misty Morning June, Jerusalem, Crab, Little Bit of Love, Lord I guess I'll Never Know, Monte Carlo, New York (Siren Mix), One More For The Lovers, It Takes Two.

Detroit-96 Sounds like a high speed dub. Fair show, fair sound. Grade:C

Los Angeles 11-17-97 Grade:B-

LIVE IN PARIS 10-15-97 -14 Songs SBD Grade:A

SONGS IN SESSION (2 CDR) Grade: Varies A to C

Hammersmith Palais, London 8-14-97

Dublin, Ireland 8-22-97 Six Centre

Earls Court, London 9-25-97

Earls Court, London 9-26-97

Barrowlands, Glasgow 10-8-97

Irving Plaza, New York 5-11-97

Avalon, Boston 8-11-97

San Francisco, Warfield Theater 11-20-97 Grade:B (2 CDR)

Toronto, Ontario Pheonix Theater 11-11-97 (2 CDR)

Houston TX, Aerial Theatre 8-9-98 90 Minutes Grade:B-

Glasgow Barrowlands, Scotland 1-10-98 Grade:A

COME ON GLASGOW 2 Barrowlands 1-11-98

Manchester Apollo 1-13-98 (2 CDR)

Manchester Apollo 1-14-98 (2 CDR)

Brixton Academy, London 1-16-98

Brixton, London 1-17-98 Grade:B-

Haigh Hall Homecoming- Wigan- 5-24-98 Grade:A (2 CDR)

PINKPOP PEOPLE 6-1-98 Landgraaf, Holland Grade:A

Munich, Germany Urban Live Hymns 6-6-98

Slane Castle, Ireland 8-28-98 (Final Verve Gig!)

Boston 8-2-98 Grade:A (2 CDR)

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