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Randy Stonehill--------------

Randy Stonehill-Live 1999-Edwardsville,IL Grade:C

Randy Stonehill-Live Radio Show Acoustic-1989 Grade:B

Randy Stonehill- Live 4-20-92 St.Louis-Grade:C-

Randy Stonehill- C-Stone 90- 45 Minutes Grade:B-



BROTHER ZEN'S DINER- 1995- Twelve Songs: 8 from Shoreline Amphitheater Mountainview CA, 6-4-95 4 from Los Angeles,CA 12-13-95 GRADE:A

GREEDY FLY IN TOWN- Mortinhal, Gronigen Netherlands- 2-25-97- 16 Songs-Grade:A

The Warehouse: Toronto Canada-8-15-95
11 Songs-Soundboard-Grade:A

Memphis,TN 3-28-97- 15 Songs-Soundboard

Woodstock 7-23-99- 15 Songs Soundboard

VIDEO- Live in Canada on MUCH MUSIC- Approx 1 Hr. of interviews and a live show. Of interest because the Canadian interviewer keeps calling them "Bush-X", due to the fact that another Canadian band has apparently already copyrighted the Bush name in that country.

VIDEO- REVERB-HBO 1999- None of the new stuff (?) is on here, but it's a show from a little club called Belly Up in California. Grade:A+ (HiFi)

VIDEO-HARD ROCK CAFE-2000 6 Songs Grade:A

Coldplay- Manchester UK 6-18-00

Coldplay-"High Speed" Concert + BBC Radio Session

Coldplay- 3-18-00 Bizarre Festival 2000

Coldplay- 7-24-00 Lamacq Radio Show


Fleming and John 9/96 Live on 99X

Fleming and John 95 (Soundboard 60 Minutes)

VIDEO-Mark Heard-C-Stone 86,90,and 92

Yngwie Malmsteen-Live 1985-6 Songs-Grade:B

The Doors-Mr. Mojo Risin'- I believe this is the audio soundtrack to the Doors unreleased film "Feast of Friends".It includes some live stuff, some interviews, poetry, and other assorted Morrison lunacy. Approx.45 Minutes

Van Halen Live (Hagar 5150)-
Westwood One FM Broadcast- Grade:B+-A-

VIDEO-Steve Vai-Seoul Korea 2-19-97 TV Broadcast GRADE:B

Joe Satriani-Live FM Broadcast 1998-Grade:A

Rick Elias Live Electric 1991 Greenville,IL- Grade:B

Rick Elias Live Acoustic 1992 St.Louis (Six Flags) Two Shows-Grade:B-

Rick Elias-VIDEO C-Stone '97 Length - 40 min-Grade:B-

Violet Burning @ C2K Grade:A (audio and video)

Violet Burning- The Demos (post Strength Contains many demos of tunes that ended up on S/T. Also has a cover of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl")-11 Songs-Grade:B

Prayer Chain- C-Stone 94


The Call- 1986 Westwood One Concert-35 Minutes Grade:B

Michael Been-Live Solo Acoustic 5 Songs 1994-Grade:A

Sam Phillips- Live 4-22-92 St. Louis Grade:C

Kemper Crabb-Live Acoustic-C-Stone 92 Grade:C

Painted Orange- Indie (Pre Star Song)- Grade:A

Dan Michaels-Reveal- Obscure Indie Release from late 80's or Early 90's by Choir sax man.-Grade:A

The Choir-Live in St. Louis 95'-(DAT TO CDR)-Grade:A

The Choir Live 3-6-91 Greenille, IL. Grade:B-(2 CDR)

The Choir-C-Stone 96 Grade:A

The Choir @ C2K Grade:A (audio and video)

Steve and Derri Acoustic @ C2K Grade:A
(audio and video)

Steve Taylor-C-Stone (Best Of) 95-96 Grade:A

Poor Old Lu- C-Stone 95

Dighayzoose-Original 4 Song Demo and Magnamagentalovetree demos Grade:C

Galactic Cowboys-Original 4 song demo- Grade:C

Precious Death-Our Stinkin' Demo-4 Songs Grade:A

Supertones- Live Flevo 99-Grade:A-

Adam Again- C-Stone 95

Adam Again- C-Stone 97

VIDEO-Adam Again-Cornerstone 97

VIDEO-Gene Eugenes' "BEWITCHED" episode that he starred in as a child actor!

Adam Again-Live at C-Stone 95-97 Grade:A

Black and White World-Original 6 Song Demo-Grade:A

My Little Dog China- Eggshells E.P.-5 Songs Grade:A

Jeff Beck-Guitar Shop Tour-Italy 4-23-90
14 Songs-Grade:B+

Pink Floyd Trance Remixes -------------------------------

Division Bell Trance Remix

Welcome to the Remix

Meddle Trance Remix

Dark Side of the Moon Trance Remix

A Momentary Lapse of Reason Trance Remix

Atom Heart Mother Trance Remix

Wish You Were Here Trance Remix

Animals-Trance Remix


Roger Waters "Complete K.A.O.S" 1987 SBD (Westwood One Concert)

Roger Waters- "What Rog Wants" Chicago 7-24-99 (2 CDR)

Roger Waters E Center Camden NJ 8-11-99 SOUNDBOARD 2 cds

Roger Waters-In The Flesh Tour 8-15-99
(3 CDR's)-Grade:B

Roger Waters- L.A. 2000 (3 CDR)


Bruce Springsteen-WORKING CLASS HERO-Solo Acoustic

The Beatles-Hollywood Bowl 8-23-64
One of only two Beatles live soundboard recordings.
Very good quality. Grade: B+

VIDEO- Breakfast With Amy- C-Stone 90

The Firm:Live 1985- FM Broadcast-Grade:B-(A few tape glitches.)

The Firm:Live 1986- FM Broadcast-Grade:A

Dido-Live in Sacramento (SBD) 2-26-00

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