Mike Knott/L.S.U/Aunt Bettys

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Mike Knott for Trade

Aunt Bettys-93-94 Demos Grade:A (CDR)

Live, Demos, and Outtakes Grade:B (CDR)

LSU-C-Stone 93- SBD

Idle Lovelle "Surge Et' Illuminaire" 1986-Six Songs- (L.S.U as 80's New Wave)-Grade:A

Live Acoustic/Electric - Portland, OR 4-7-95 (2 CDR) Grade:B

Live in Atlanta 99 (2 CDR)

Live with Gene Eugene 4-24-99 Houghton,NY

Live Acoustic- S.C. 10-9-99 Grade:A (Soundboard)

Live at Grace College 3-29-00 (SBD) Grade:A

Calvin College 3-30-00

Live Acoustic Dayton, Ohio 4-1-00 Grade:A (Soundboard)

5-12-00 Live at Brandy's UWRF-River Falls (2 CDR) Recorded TAO Grade::B-

5-13-00 Chetek, WI Grade:A

Live at the Sonshine Inn 5-23-00 Grade:A

Prism Tent C2K

Foxfire Coffe Lounge Minneapois,MN 7-1-00 (2 CDR)

Video- 5-13-00 Chetek, WI

Video- C-Stone 91 LSU Theatre- Grade:B-

Video- Live Acoustic (FULL SHOW)- Oct.10,1999 South Carolina-Grade:A

VIDEO- C-Stone 93 Grade:A

VIDEO- C-Stone 2000 Solo Acoustic Grade:B+

VIDEO- CUSH C-Stone 2000 Grade:C (choppy editing,poor sound) also a copy with very good video but pretty distorted sound.

VIDEO- 5-12-00 UWRF w/Ticklepenny Corner

VIDEO 7-12-00 The Living Room St. Paul, MN

VIDEO-Gene Eugene Tribute C2K- Mike does "Hopeless" "Is what it is", and several others. Grade:A (audio and video)

VIDEO- Live @ The Hollow - Columbus, OH.- 11-7-00

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